Scam Alert – Queenslanders Targeted!

Remote access scams on the rise!

Queenslanders are being targeted by scammers with one of the most costly and upsetting scams so far. The latest statistics show Australians lost over $1.4 million due to this scam last year and are already exceeding $896 000 so far this year. Unfortunately over 65’s are the most commonly victimised with scammers and reports of scams in queesnland are on the rise.

The Scam
Fraudulent callers are getting access to our computers by impersonating a variety of companies including Telstra, Microsoft, NBN or your antivirus provider. They often claim you have a fault with your computer or at your home and offer to provide technical support.

The scammer will then try to talk you though a few steps on your computer which will then allow them remote access to your computer. From here they can hold your computer hostage, demanding you pay them to ‘fix problems’ that they create. Infecting your machine with randsomware is also commonplace, where you pictures and data are “locked” until you pay the amount demanded.

Stay Protected
The best way to stay protected is to never allow anyone access to your computer. If you receive a call and they request remote access, HANG UP. Geniune companies will never call you to get remote access, even if your computer has a problem. Ensure your computer is up to date with the latest security measures and if you are unsure or concerned – give us a call. We can guide you through what steps you may need to take.



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